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I'm a writer, artist and English teacher. This blog shows my comics. I deal mostly in themes of dark satire, genre parodies and anything-goes-humor.

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mandag den 26. november 2012

A few familiar faces. Yeah, they're supposed to look that blurry. Copyright is owned by DC. ....The guys are meant to look kinda 1930-1950ties, as if you see them on an old b/w TV. But first there's "the cat". She ended up looking very late 80ties. Well, hope you like.

Her pose is from and old photo from the 1930ties. I like the defiant way she's holding the cigarette. Catwoman is a rebel, but very discreet. She should ooze confidence, elegance in all circumstances, but also a certain arrogance.

The face of the Riddler is Crispin Clover. I've used him as a face model. I think the Riddler's character should be manic playfullness, like Frank Gorshin played him on TV. It's important to not make him look all batshit insane. Speaking of which...

There are a ton of different aspects to the Joker's personality, making him deceptively tricky to get right. However, you can't go wrong using his original inspiration. Conrad Veidt played "the man who laughs" in the movie from 1928(!) The most important thing to get right, is to convey a sense of danger and unpredictabilty.

Ever notice how most people draw two-face as if his scarred half is a kinda dragon- gargoyle thing? that's not scary. I tried to draw him the way he would look if he had actually gotten acid thrown in the face. I've used pakistani Women as models. No joke.

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